How to Invest In The Right Leather Handbag for Your Style

Lipault Bringing Out Smiles With The Ultra Pink Shoulder Bag

The right investment

Leather handbags are a sound investment every woman should invest in, if they can – the trick is choosing the right one. This is a choice dependant on your own personal style. The right luxury handbag for you is just around the corner, ready to refresh your look.

Lipault Bringing Out Smiles With The Ultra Pink Shoulder Bag
Have A Bright Day With Colorful Lipault Handbags

Do you want to go against the grain?

With designer leather handbags being such dynamic pieces, capable of being paired with many of your favourite outfits, choosing one can be difficult. Lipault’s Elegance range of handbags, designed in the fashion capital of the world, incorporates luxuriously soft pebbled and smooth genuine leather, available in a series of colours ranging from timelessly chic brown, blacks and navy to the playful tones of mustard, Tahiti pink, ruby and exotic blue.These bags are stylish while being timeless pieces that you will be able to wear all year round.


A handbag for every occasion

You’ll want to consider for what occasion you will most use this handbag, and if you would like something formal, casual, or a mixture of both. For more formal occasions, choose a bag which is slightly smaller than your everyday one but that does not get overlooked. The Plume Elegance Handle Bag from Lipault Paris does just this, acting as a sleek and delicate handbag with the ability to pull an entire outfit together by simply having it on your arm – Weddings, work events and drinks with your girls are covered with this classic handbag from our premium leather range. Say you are looking for something to use casually, with a little splash of fun to bring some colour to your everyday commutes: The ‘By The Seine’ large Tote Bag comes in a gorgeous array of fresh and inspired colours. Lemon yellow, raspberry red and cobalt blue are just a few that will incorporate a casual vibrancy into your wardrobe. Don the Tahiti pink on a sunny spring day, or add some warmth to your outfit with the raspberry red in winter.

Trendy French Design Bucket Handbag By Lipault
Staying in Trend With A Yellow Handbag By Lipault

A weekend away?

Weekends away at your favourite hotspots are made all the more enjoyable with a beautiful leather weekender. There is something really feel good about having everything you need packed into something beautiful and stylish. Our suggestion when choosing a weekend bag, is to look for one which provides ample space for your essential items without compromising on elegance – your travel accessories needs to look with it at all times.

A leather bag for the working woman

For the lady on her way to the top, having her office essentials in one easy, secure, practical and of course, beautiful handbag is a non-negotiable! This piece needs to exemplify professionalism and fashion forwardness, all while making a bold statement as you dominate business meetings. A Lipault Plume Elegance laptop bailhandle does just this. An unmistakably glamorous genuine leather piece which is as ready to tackle the boardroom as you are.

A sound investment? For sure!

With genuine leather being a premium textile, having remained ageless and striking for hundreds of years, investing in a leather handbag is one of the best fashion moves you can make. These pieces can be used time and again with leather getting more beautiful with age. When selecting your leather accessory, be sure to remain vigilant! Leather handbags on sale for a price too good to be true may be just that! Do your research and avoid buying fake leather or ‘pleather’, as this will crack and peel with time where a genuine leather bag will remain a trustworthy companion for life. Make sure you trust the brand you are buying from to avoid any frustrations.

Lipault Bringing You Chic Style With A Black Leather Handbag
Accessorize With a Yellow Handbag Lipault By The Sein

Making a sound investment in leather is not one you will regret. Lipault promises you just that. Head over to the official Lipault South Africa online store to shop now!