Making Travel More Stylish with Designer Luggage

For the stylish woman on the constant grind, having only the best designer luggage is an essential in making your life not only more stylish, but also more convenient.

While the look of your luggage is oh so important, its design and functionality can save you a number of travel woes and make your business and leisure trips all the more pleasurable. Our range of fresh designer travel luggage from Lipault Paris puts the style, colour and charm which has been missing back into your travels.

Choose the right piece for your image

When choosing your ideal travel luggage set, make sure you have decided on the type of traveller you want to be. Perhaps you err more on the side of an understated, timeless look, leaning towards neutral greys and lilacs, or perhaps your look lies in the realm of infectious playfulness and vibrancy, incorporating bold statement pieces bursting with colour into your travel exploits. Wherever you find yourself on the spectrum, your perfect bag is just around the corner.


Size matters!

When deciding on the piece for you, there are some vital points which need to be considered. The best luggage is that which makes your traveling life easier. Be sure to consider the size you need, as a neat and practical 55cm cabin bag may be perfect for your quick two-day getaways and business trips, while a larger spinner case is perfectly suited to carry your favourite outfits and essentials on those two week long haul trips.

Be Appealing With A Classic Lipault Tote Handbag

The devil is in the detail

Pay careful attention to the minor details when choosing a piece of designer luggage – the zips for instance need to be secure and chic, not looking too bulky, but able to withstand any tampering. Look closely at the type of materials used to craft your piece – The Lipault Plume Avenue 55cm is a classic example of practicality meeting beauty, with a delicate yet durable nylon exterior, designed around your travels, this piece incorporates serene spinner wheels making the airport rush an absolute breeze! Prefer something softer? The selection of gorgeous Miss Plume bags is some of the best carry on leatherette bags in terms of style and practicality you can find, and a star of our Lipault Paris range. A TSA (Transport Security Administration) combination lock is an essential to have on your away luggage – This will allow seamless travel to the US and prove extremely effective in keeping your valuables safe while travelling.

What’s your weight?

Some of the top 10 luggage brands will concur that it is the weight of your suitcase which can make or break your travel exploits. The lighter the load, the more accessories, outfits and travel mementos you can bring back. Most airlines allow for cabin stowage of about 8kgs, so be sure your cabin bag of choice is no greater than 2.5kgs. The Lipault Originale Plume cabin luggage comes in at 2.3kgs, making for the ideal carry on case. It is always recommended to try travel without checking your bags into the hold, as having a trustworthy cabin case or convertible travel bag will save you precious time at airports, eliminating the dreaded baggage reclaim terminal wait.

Fashionable Luggage To Travel The World By Lipault
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Is it trending?

Keep a close eye on the trends of the season when choosing your luggage’s. Delightful pops of mustard, burnt orange and forest greens are characterising the autumnal shades being seen around the globe. These warm and striking colours inspire pre-winter glamour and will look great next you while you travel abroad.

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Travelling is made oh so much easier and more stylish with designer travel luggage. Attention to detail, gorgeous textile selections and functionality combined in these travel pieces provides an edge to the airport commute, and makes your travels so much more comfortable… which designer travel piece will you choose?