Picking The Perfect Tote Handbag

French Design at its finest

Lipault Paris is an upscale French luggage and accessories brand that, for over 12 years, has been designing playful pieces for the stylish woman who loves fashion. Lipault South Africa has just launched the official online store which has both classic, loved styles and new seasonal colours.
All you girl bosses out there know how important it is that your handbag works for you and not the other way around. We love tote handbags as they carry it all, the flats you wear as you leave the office, an assortment of makeup, cards, cash and sunglasses. Not only does the tote work for the office run, lunch snacks and computer, it works for the beach and for lugging children’s things around too.

Parisian design

We love how a tote handbag is big enough to hold it all and the right style and design will make sure you don’t feel like you need to carry different bags to work and out to dinner, for drinks with the girls etc.

The Lipault Lady Plume tote handbag is a classic piece. It fits everything you need, so you don’t have to worry about leaving anything important behind, while still having enough pockets and the right compartments to make sure you keep well organized. Lipaults Parisian design takes functionality seriously and every handbag has been designed with the woman it will work for in mind.

Step Out The House With This Summer Feel Blue Lipault Tote Handbag


The Lady Plume tote handbag comes in black, navy, purple and ruby, all of which make great everyday colours and pair well with various fashion choices. The tote handbag comes in both a small and medium, giving you the choice to find something that suits your lifestyle and how much you want to carry around with you. Lipault launches the tote in seasonal colours which are always bold and playful, the perfect holiday accessory or everyday bag for someone who isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd.

Be Visible While Walking With A Lipault Yellow Tote Handbag

Functionality & Staying Organized

Unlike regular tote handbags in which finding anything becomes almost impossible, the Lipault Lady Plume tote has an ultra-convenient zip up compartment on the inside of the bag, handy for all your lipstick needs and smaller items that you want to keep safe. There are two pouches sewn into the bag, opposite the zip compartment, one which is the perfect fit for your phone (a plus fits too!) and another which you could keep cards in. On the outside of the bag (on the back) there is another zip compartment which can be used as a pouch or, opens up and becomes a smart sleeve that attaches to the handle of your travel luggage, making your travel as comfortable and easy as possible.

For the seasoned traveller

If you are someone who has travelled a fair bit, you will know all about the value of a good tote handbag and finding one that helps keep you organized but still looks stylish.
The Lipault brand has just launched its official online store in South Africa. Shop the Lady Plume Tote handbag now.

Be Prepared For The World With A Black Tote Lipault Back In Your Hand



and get a R300 voucher for your first purchase, sent directly to your mailbox!




and get a R300 voucher for your first purchase, sent directly to your mailbox!

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